December 16, 2010

Hello, all.  It’s a chilly month so far in Pippinpost, and there is little relief in sight.  Just try to remember how hot it was all summer and maybe the cold will seem more tolerable.  Some of your PNA Board met recently, and we wanted to give everyone a brief update on some important information—especially with regard to our upcoming ANNUAL MEETING.


                                    ANNUAL MEETING & DUES

The PNA Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 11th at 7 pm at Conway Regional Fitness Center.  We had a strong turnout last year and hope to have the same this year.  As usual, we will have a raffle for all in attendance.  The person drawn will win a year without dues.  Once again, our treasurer, Denise Williams, offers the good news that dues shall remain the same: $175 per household.  What a bargain for a neighborhood this nice!  This money is due on January 11th.  It is recommended that you attend the meeting and bring your checkbook.  If you win the raffle, you don’t have to pay!  



Special thanks goes to your current PNA board members.

President – Gary McCullough

Vice –President – Allen Stone

Treasurer – Denise Williams

Secretary – Jim Capps

Member-At-Large – Fred Hueston

These are volunteer jobs and their service is appreciated.

Most of the offices on your PNA board are for 2-year terms.  This year Gary McCullough’s term as President is up.  Fred Hueston has been nominated by the board and has agreed to serve as our next President pending approval at the Annual Meeting.  Denise Williams will be continuing as Treasurer.  The positions of Vice-President, Secretary, and Member-At-Large are all scheduled to turn over.  Gary has been nominated for Member-At-Large and has agreed to stay on the board in this capacity pending meeting approval. 

If anyone is interested in serving as Vice-President or Secretary, please contact Gary McCullough or Fred Hueston and let us know.  The Vice-President is someone who, ideally though not always, can assume the role of President after his/her term is up (or in the unlikely event of Presidential assassination—it sometimes feels more unlikely than others).  The Secretary is responsible for meeting minutes and neighborhood communications.

Please step up and serve your community if you have not already.  You are needed.

            The MEETING AGENDA will include updates and concerns regarding the grounds, security, community issues, social activities, and city and neighborhood covenants.  Per discussion at the last Annual Meeting, which I’m sure everyone remembers like it was yesterday, we are attaching the city ordinances, along with neighborhood bylaws and covenants.  Please review them both prior to the meeting.  It is entirely possible that nothing of consequence is in need of discussion from either, but if anyone has concerns or suggestions regarding our neighborhood in this regard, the meeting is a good time to raise them.  If anyone has other items they know should be added to the agenda, or if anyone would like some specific information to be addressed, please contact Gary McCullough.


                                                       PNA VIGILANCE

            ‘Tis the season and many will be in and out of town.  Please communicate with your neighbors about your schedules and make sure you have people to watch over your house if you will be gone.  Beware of “Pipp-imposters.” 

            Also, please continue as always to drive slowly, watch for children, dogs, cats, and, of course, dormice (tis the season for these ancient Roman delicacies).  Please continue to pick up trash, put out your trash, and RECYCLE, as well (thank you Joe for keeping us on track here).  And make sure you have your outdoor water spigots covered.  Wouldn’t want any trouble there.


                                                FINAL PIPPINPOIGNANCIES

            We have much to be grateful for this holiday season.  Our neighborhood is filled with bright, cheerful children.  The holiday lights are aglow.  We are warm and safe.  The women are strong, the men are good looking, the children are above average.  Conway is a charming college town second to none.  And we are blessed to live in THE best neighborhood in Conway (though there hasn’t been an official contest, we would totally win).  Thanks to all of you who make this so.  Please continue to volunteer, serve, smile, and bring good will to this place we call home. 

Cheers and Happy Holidays!  Your PNA Board