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Gurdon School Photos

Sr. Football Team 1956


Cheerleaders 1959-1960

    Mary Beth Wingfield,

Charlotte Goss, Carolyn Plyler, Margaret Wingfield,

Rebecca Stephens, Pat Fultz, Nettie Ruth Jester, Joyce Turner

1959-60 Football Team

Jr. High Team 56-57


Jr. team lineup - 1955

Coach Cathy carried off field

Johnny Toombs and Coach Cathey 2009

James Austin Capps and Marianne Cabe - Homecoming 1957

Mayday Girls - 1949 or 1950 - Band Building/lunch room, Music Shack, and Shop in background

Back Row: Linda Cagle,Patsy Herron,Jean Steed,Barbara Sue Smith,Mary Jo Harper,Romana Schee,Edith Toland, June Arnold, Barbara Green

Front Row: Mary Carol Norton, Eva Mae Robbs, Ruby Perry, Carolyn Bittle, Nettie Ruth Jester, Nancy Williams, Vivian McClure, and Linda Ricketts

I'm missing one name and the order may be wrong - email corrections to:


Elementary School - Constructed around 1950



Gurdon High School Glee Club (about 1955)

Back Row:  Mrs. Harold Cabe, Linda Kuhn, Ann Ross, James Austin Capps, Don Deaton, Johnny Culp, Richard Plyler, Marianne Cabe, Sarah Freeman, Mrs. Lloyd Newton.,

Second Row: Carol Overton, Lavonne Murphy, Barbara Smith, Nelda Bryan, Barbara Lowe, Wanda Garrett, Virginia Nash, Virgie Wheeler,

Seated:  Carolyn Goss, Patsy Ross, Mary Beth Wingfield, Mary Lynn Webb, Shari Kirby, Sue Ross, Charlene Hensley, Betty Jones, Artis Ann Yarbrough

Old Elementary Building

Old High School Auditorium

New Auditorium (built around 1950 or so)

Junior High (grades 7-9)

To the left is Betty Cagle,  (Billy said it was Wayne Webb, looks like Everett Currey to me)  kids are unknown, then James Hardy Hughes,

Elizabeth Osborne, Sonny Marshall, Wanda Kuhn, Celia Crowe, could be Glenda Childers ? and who is the cross dresser???

Bartal(sp?) Skit 1960: Marianne Cabe, Eva Mae Robbs,Mary Beth Wingfield ,Pat Fultz and Linda M Smith

Float in front of School

Band Queen candidates

Kathryn Langly ,Linda Smith,Barbara Sue Smith,Pasty Ross,Marianne Cabe and Pasty Herron

L to R: Rita Tucker, Sonny Marshall, one of Britt Twins, Donald Daniels, Sue Ellen Jackson, Joe Wright, ???, Wayne Webb, Barbara Lamb (Queen)

Vendon Hayes, Bruce Moorman, Wanda Kuhn, Shorty Hughes, ???, Pierce boy, Britt Twin, ??? , Barbara Osborne -

don 't know the little boy, I am sure he's grown and married by now though.


1960 HomeComing Court

SK Garrett,Julia Glover,David Kuhn,Betty Scott,Larry Franklin,Charlotte Goss,Billy Roy Capps,Sandra Smith,Stanley Walters,Mary Beth Wingfield,

Bobby Scott,Crown Bearer is Coach Prewitts son,Jerry Neal Williams,Marianne Cabe,Charlie Nix,Pat Fultz,Roy Gene Britt,Linda Maud Smith,LR McDonald,

Joyce Turner,Sandy Cabe,Kathyrn Robbs



Mr. Garrett, Jim Capps, Sue Ross and Don Deaton - Jr/Sr Banquet 1957.

Senior Banquet 1958


Senior Banquet 1959

Senior Banquet 1960

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