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Remember in Gurdon

Photos from Facebook Group "Remember in Gurdon"

Rebecca Ollison - Remembering the Reader Railroad Train, enjoy everyone!​ch?v=H9tgJkcQecI&feature=s​hare

Linda Davies Bullard - The Gurdon Light on "Unsolved Mysteries"

Download Short Video at Gurdon Presbyterian Church about 1958 - Be Patient, large file

Ronnie Eckert  Inside The Devil Sheet: The Editorial Staff

Ronnie Eckert  I have found another Shoebox: This picture was taken in the late 1900s Who are these Kids and their Kids

Barbara Toombs Ryan That's right. I see my brother and sister-in-law.

Barbara Smith Myers it set behind Jackie Rhodes house.. You can still see the mound to where something about it set..Maybe it was the concession stand..



Ronnie Eckert There was a senior from the class of 1960 went out there with a paint brush and a bucket of paint.I have forgot what his name was.

Barbara Smith Myers You're so loyal Ronnie... I'm gonna request you to be my friend..LOL...You haven't seemed to have forgotten much else...LOLOL ..

From Roger Thomas Shoebox: Bible School at Beech Street 1949 or1950. Honky Thomas brother Roger gave me this picture long ago.

Baker's on 53 from Harold Brady's shoebox.

Chad Gilbert  Homecoming 1964. Betty Howell and me. Ain't we cute!

Jerry Griffin, Scott Thomas, Nathan Gills, Freddie Horne, Joe Jester.....Babe Ruth State Champs 1968

James Rudolph  To go with Freddie's baseball pictures from the 60s, here's one from the 70s...

Rex A Potter   Top row: David Quarells, Pat Rudolph, Tommy Rudolph, Scott Brady, Glen Brady, Doug Paul. Bottom row:Jake Dyer, James Rutherford, Rex Potter, Tommy Karr, Ronnie Plyler.

Barbara Toombs Ryan   I am with you, Freddie!! I had even forgotten that Jackie and Robbie went with us.

Little more "modern" baseball at Lion's Club Park in Gurdon.

Randy Smith wow, Freddie you did it again!, I recognize several but not all! Bobby McCellend, you, Doug Benson,Mr Glover, coach?, ? Nathan Gills,? 2nd row Phillip Holiday, Joe Culp ? Randy Hignight, Burt Daniels, 3rd row, Mike Gills Barry Jackson,Steve and Doug McCarthy, John Hargraves, Bobby Bearden......

How many did I miss? and what are their names?

Sandra Glover Rowe What year was this, Freddie? I can see dark hair on Daddy's head: I don't remember that!

Freddie Horne This must have been 1966 or 1967....I was only in the 6th or 7th grade here.

Freddie Horne Randy you are right.....Barry McCarty left of Nathan, Barry''s cousin Francis that lived at Curtis, to his left. I was thinking that was Dicky Halladay Sr as coach...

.I don't remember. Randy Hignight in front of Nathan. Joe David Jackson and Barry Jackson in front of me.


Freddie Horne  Sharon Otwell and Joyce Anna Bryant....the 2 girls that picked me up when I was in Jr. High...I married the redhead on the left!

Definitely a little (young) Freddie Horne! Sooooo cute!!!

We never did decide who that is talking to Freddie and Don

MP Gurdon Depot: Open to the public,Ticket agent selling tickets,

News Stand is open,Dispatcher inside running trains Between Little Rock & Texarkana. Womble Local leaving town. Gurdon Agent office inside

Can you beat these prices?

GHS Reunion Classes 61-64:

Judy Childres Harmon-Thompson Judy Childres is sitting beside Becky Jester and on the other side of me is Patricia Rhodes and then Shirley Kimbrell.

Shelly Selph Efird I see my mom, Anne (Toland) Selph. :)

Gurdon May Day Program

So is the girl Vada Jane Marks? Thats who it looks like ...the one on the right is Bobby Tinkle


Shirley Hughes Williams

Hey that's my photo from Honky's. From left it's Mary Beth Edwards, Carolyn Smith, Roger Thomas, Luther Curtis and Neoma Karr. At least that was their names then!!

From Shirley Hughes Williams Shoebox: Charles Clark Wray at Honkys

Freddie Horne  You may not know my Great Grandfather...Sam B. Horne, but you may know his sisters.....Mrs. Epperson and Mrs White?

Tom Parker  For anyone who wants to know. This is a GoDevil.


The New Breed!  Click HERE for more Go-Devil 2011 info

Homecoming 1985 Christi Hatley Nelson

Carrie Burson
Cyndi McClure Bullard
Tina Moody
Ronald Baird
Sammy Cox
Darrell Jones
Michelle Goza
Pam Ross
Chad Caldwell
Shawn Hurst
Myra Ursery

Homecoming 1985 Guys

#63 "Ronnie" Ronald Baird and Cyndi McClure Bullard Homecoming 1985


This picture of my delectable Peach Cobbler is for Mabel Lyons Gardner, Ray Edward Potter, and Rebecca Ollison. This is to really make you all hungry, lol.




‎@Mabel, just imagine my 6-flavor Pound Cake with a scoop of Ray's hand-cranked ice cream... Now I could always mail you all one of me cakes, lol...


Cyndi McClure Bullard senior picture and with her 5 month old daughter Haley with Cyndi McClure Bullard.


people kept bringing up Chicken Country so Tammi Hayes VanCleave went to the one in Jax last weekend.

My daughter and I went today from Maumelle after church and ran into another Gurdon person who'd driven from Bryant to eat there!! with Ray Edward Potter.

Deanna Wiley Baird
I really don't think that putting the book on your head is going to help you absorb the information in it, but I guess Robbie Watson thinks it will. LOL

Gurdon Calaboose

"Hoo Hoo" group.  Horace Cabe is on the left of the monument.  Note train water spout.

Catfish Bullard

Bobby Hargrave self portrait

Victory over Prescott

Freddie Horne (1980 Forrest Festival)

Virgil Smithpeters and "Shorty" King

Marcus Lowe (in front of 1st Presbyterian Church - Hut in reflection)

Charles Marshall, Town Marshall over 30 years ago

Hoo Hoo (Boo Hoo)

3 PM Traveling Switch Engine Crew, Russell Butler, Tommy Glover, Piggy Pruitt, and Charles Kuhn.

BuZ Blurr Nancy, that's Tommy Glover, the Engineer on the job. I had laid off that day to purchase the SX-70 camera, and the picture was taken by the extra-board brakemam who replaced me. Just remember his last name was Logan. Spring, 1978.

Earl's Cafe Menu

Mrs. Betty's day care at 1st Presbyterian Church

From left, McMillian's store, Earl's Cafe, Hoo Hoo Theater, Paul Potter's Barber Ship, TV repair Shop.

You can see Paul Potter going to his truck.  The one on the right was Elzie Garner's.

Halloween at the Skating Rink

1980 Girls win it all!

Tammi Hayes VanCleave Ella Mae Anderson, Gail Giles, Kay McClelland, Tammy Gill, Katie Hatley, is that Cookie?? Ya'll help me, I can't remember the rest of the names.

Diane Keith yes, that is Cookie, Edna, Cindy, Amy? San? it has been many years for me...I recognize faces but can't remember all the names!!!!

Terry Phillips Kathy stricklin, edna anderson, sharon gills, sandra henry, alvalyn walters, carolyn crow

A Little Go-Devil Football history from 1995..."Touchdown Terry" Norris and "Football Freddie" Horne broadcast Go-Devil football on Arkadelphia Radio FM KDEL 100.9...

Volunteer Fireman Bobby Wells the night of Earl's Cafe blaze.

1964 District 7A Champs.  Undefeated.  Close games against Prescott, 7-6, and DeQueen, 7-6.  We killed Arkadelphia!

Bottom Row:  Larry Marion, Bill Wright, Joe Childers, Terry Hughes, Randy Fain, Barry Neal Culp, Robert Burns, Gary Gilbert, Johnny Massey, Jerry Cox

2nd Row:  Henry Miller, Charles Smith, Chad Gilbert, David Benson, Turner Lee, Robert Stinnet, Frank Crain, Ed Wood, Tom Ed Brandon, Pete Prewett, David Purifoy.

3rd Row:  Jimmy Allen, Don Hastings, Gary Tarpley, David Culp, Jimmy Gober,  Randy Pierce, Harold Edmondson, Steve Mauldin, Roy Carr, Ronnie Stricklin.

Honkey's Drive-in

Carl Kinder and E.H. Butler

Ronald Baker's plate - Found in Chester Turner's garage when he bought the house.

Freddie's Daisy Queen menu - 1980-81

Which Decade did you eat here?

Volunteer Fireman Tommy Massey the night of Earl's Cafe blaze.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brown, from the bookwork How I became a Go-Devil Brushhog Brakeman Emeritus.

Earl Stitt the morning after the cafe burned.

Jr. or Sr. 1958 or 1960

Jr. Follies

Freddie Horne Freddie, Jackie Toombs, Roger Fortner on guitars, Pattie Blanton, Dinah Lu Brown, Martha Thomerson, Peggy Blanton, Barbara Griffin, Melinda Davis, Barbar Toombs, Robbie Cox, Kathy Slayton, Joyce Watters and Oh,

and that is Karen Davies back stage she was the flag girl.


1980 Boys

Sandy Stiffler

Bill Dulin's Fiat


Rebecca Ollison - Remembering the Reader Railroad Train, enjoy everyone!​ch?v=H9tgJkcQecI&feature=s​hare

Linda Davies Bullard - The Gurdon Light on "Unsolved Mysteries"

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