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21 September 2017

Thanks to Joan Shofner for these photos

Justin Watlington, President of Young Professionals of Conway (YPC),

 spoke at today's meeting about the new club. He is pictured with Lauren DeLano, YPC Membership Chair.

To learn more about YPC or to join the tribe of young professional, visit


Nine (yes - 9!) multiple Paul Harris Fellows being recognized at today's meeting. Join them and make a difference this year with a gift to The Rotary Foundation at #RotaryMakingADifference


Phillip Fletcher, Founder and Executive Director of Conway's CoHO (The City of Hope Outreach), is presented an Arkansas Senate Citation from Rotarian Senator Jason Rapert in celebration of CoHO's 10th anniversary. In September 2007, Phillip, his wife, Nicolle, and their three adult children founded CoHO to bring a non-profit ministry to families in low-income families in Faulkner County. Thank you to Phillip, his family, and CoHO for providing a decade of hope and service to our community. Learn more about CoHO at #ServiceAboveSelf

Video of Presentation:

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